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  • Manufacturer: Stokes

  • Part Number: 9613

  • Electrolux Part Number: 0122002068

  • Hermatic Part Number: 2818

  • Size Length x Width: 445mm x 355mm

  • Voltage: 240V AC

  • Wattage: 1800W


    62A850B          75B954W*01          PAD151G          PCD505BR*25         
    62A850B*09          75B954W*02          PAD151G*15          PCD505BR*26         
    62A850W          75B974W*02          PAD151G*20          PCD505HWL*00         
    62A850W*09          75B97SW*02          PAD161B          PCD505HWL*26         
    62A852B          75B982B*02          PAD161B*20          PCD505HWR*00         
    62A852B*09          75B982W*02          PAD171W          PCD505HWR*26         
    62A852SB          CE760LT          PAD171W*20          PCD505WL*25         
    62A852SB*09          CE760T          PAD181C*00          PCD505WL*26         
    62A852SW          CE762D          PAD501R          PCD505WR*25         
    62A852SW*09          CE762D          PAD501R*20          PCD505WR*26         
    62A852SW*11          EE775TFC          PAD501R15          PCF404WR*01         
    62A852SW*15          EE777TB          PAD501RS*00          PCF505HWL*00         
    62A852W          EE801P          PAD502UB          PCF505HWL*01         
    62A852W*09          EE810          PAD505UB11          PCF505HWL*01         
    62A852W*15          EE810A          PAD505UB12          PCF505HWR*00         
    62A872V*00          EE810AR          PAD505UEB11          PCF505WL*00         
    62A872V*09          EE810E          PAD516B*20          PCF505WL*01         
    62A872V*15          EE810P          PAD516BV*20          PCF505WL*13         
    62A882R*00          EE810T          PAD516EB*20          PCF505WR*00         
    62A882R*09          EE810T          PAD516EBV*20          PCF505WR*13         
    62A882R*15          EE810TC          PAD516EW          POF660S*00         
    63A807B*00          EE810TR          PAD516EW*20          POF660W*00         
    63A807B*01          EE901          PAD516W          POF662S*00         
    63A807W*00          EE901P          PAD516W*20          POF662W*00         
    63A807W*01          EE901T          PAF140HW*00          POF664S*00         
    63A904B*00          EE902          PAF140W*00          POF664W*00         
    63A904W*00          EE902B          PAF143HW*00          POF677B*00         
    63A905VW*00          EE902P          PAF143HW*13          POF677B*03         
    63B904B*00          EE902Q          PAF143W*00          POF677B*04         
    63B904B*02          EE902T          PAF143W*13          POF677S*00         
    63B904S*00          EE903          PAF144W*00          POF677S*04         
    63B904S*02          EE903P          PAF144W*09          POF677W*00         
    63B904W*00          EE903T          PAF144W*13          POF677W*03         
    63B904W*02          EE903TF          PAF151G*00          POF677W*04         
    63B905VW*00          EE904          PAF151G*07          POF678B*00         
    63B905VW*02          EE904Q          PAF161B*00          POF678B*03         
    63B906S*02          EE911T          PAF161B*06          POF678K*00         
    63B906W*02          EE911TRi          PAF161B*08          POF678K*03         
    63B907S*02          PAD130BVP*20          PAF161B*13          POF678W*00         
    75A804B*00          PAD130W          PAF17111*07          POF678W*03         
    75A804B*05          PAD130W20          PAF171W*00          POF688B*04         
    75A804W*00          PAD140B*20          PAF501R*00          POF688S*00         
    75A804W*05          PAD140HW*00          PAF501R*06          POF688S*04         
    75A954W*00          PAD140W          PAF501R*13          POF688W*04         
    75A954W*05          PAD140W*20          PAF501RS*00          POF689K*04         
    75B804B*00          PAD142BB*20          PAF501RS*06          POF689W*04         
    75B804B*01          PAD142W          PAF501RS*09          POF696W*04         
    75B804B*02          PAD142W*20          PAF504RS*09          POF698K*04         
    75B804W*00          PAD143EW*23          PAF516W*00          POF698S*04         
    75B804W*01          PAD143EW*24          PAF517W*00          POF698W*04         
    75B804W*02          PAD143HW*00          PCD505BL*25          POM244C         
    75B954W*00          PAD143W*23          PCD505BL*26          POM246         
    More Information
    Model Number PAF516W*00, PAF517W*00, PAF161B*06, PAF501R*06, PAF501RS*06, PAD130W, PAD151G, PAD151G-15, PAD151G-20, PAD161B, 62A882R*00, PAD501R, PAD501R-15, PAD501R-20, PAD502UB, PAD505UB-11, PAD505UEB-11, 62A872V*00, PAD181C*00, 62A850B*09, 62A852B*09, 62A852SB*09, 62A850W*09, 62A852W*09, 62A852SW*09, 62A872V*09, 62A882R*09, PAF501R*00, PAF501RS*00, PAD140HW*00, PAD143HW*00, PAF140HW*00, PAF143HW*00, PAF140W*00, PAF143W*00, PAF144W*00, PAF501RS*09, PAF504RS*09, PAF161B*08, PAD501RS*00, PAF161B*00, PAF151G*07, PAF171N*07, 62A850B, 62A850W, 62A852B, 62A852SB, 62A852W, 62A852SW, PAF144W*09, PAD143W*23, PAD143EW*23, PAD143EW*24, 62A852SW*11, PCF505WL*01, PCF404WR*01, PCF505HWL*01, PCD505BL*25, PCD505BL*26, PC, PCD505WL*25, PCD505WL*26, PCD505WR*25, PCD505WR*26, PCF505WL*00, PCF505WR*00, PCF505HWL*00, PCF505HWR*00, PCD505HWL*00, PCD505HWR*00, 75A804B*05, 75A804W*05, 75A954W*05, POF660S*00, POF660W*00, 75B804B*01, 75B804W*01, 75B954W*01, 63A807B*01, 63A807W*01, 63B904S*00, POF677B*04, POF689W*04, POF696W*04, POF698K*04, 63A807B*00, 63A807W*00, 63B904B*02, 75B954W*02, 75B974W*02, 75B975W*02, 63A905VW*00, 63B904B*00, 63B904W*00, 63B905VW*00, 75B804B*00, 75B804W*00, 75B954W*00, POF677B*03, POF677B*00, 63A904B*00, 63A904W*00, 75A804B*00, 75A804W*00, 75A954W*00, POF677W*04, POF677S*00, POF677S*04, POF698S*04, POF698W*04, POF677W*00, POF678B*00, POF678W*00, POF677W*03, POF678B*03, POF678W*03, PAF161B*13, 62A872V*15, 62A852SW*15, PAF143HW*13, PAF501R*13, 62A852W*15, PAF144W*13, PCF505WL*13, PCF505WR*13, POF678K*03, POF678K*00, PAD516BV-20, PAD516EBV-20, PAD516W, PAD516W-20, PAD516EW, PAD516EW-20, PAD130BVP-20, PAD140B-20, PAD142BB-20, PAD516B-20, PAD516EB-20, PAD505UB-12, PCD505HWL*26, PCD505HWR*26, 62A882R*15, 75B982B*02, 75B982W*02, 63B904S*02, 63B904W*02, 63B905VW*02, PAD130W-20, PAD140W, PAD140W-20, PAD142W, PAD142W-20, PAD161B-20, PAD171N, PAF151G*00, PAF171N*00, PAF143W*13, P, PAD171N-2. 62A850B 62A850B*09 62A850W 62A850W*09 62A852B 62A852B*09 62A852SB 62A852SB*09 62A852SW 62A852SW*09 62A852SW*11 62A852SW*15 62A852W 62A852W*09 62A852W*15 62A872V*00 62A872V*09 62A872V*15 62A882R*00 62A882R*09 62A882R*15 63A807B*00 63A807B*01 63A807W*00 63A807W*01 63A904B*00 63A904W*00 63A905VW*00 63B904B*00 63B904B*02 63B904S*00 63B904S*02 63B904W*00 63B904W*02 63B905VW*00 63B905VW*02 63B906S*02 63B906W*02 63B907S*02 75A804B*00 75A804B*05 75A804W*00 75A804W*05 75A954W*00 75A954W*05 75B804B*00 75B804B*01 75B804B*02 75B804W*00 75B804W*01 75B804W*02 75B954W*00 75B954W*01 75B954W*02 75B974W*02 75B97SW*02 75B982B*02 75B982W*02 CE760LT CE760T CE762D CE762D EE775TFC EE777TB EE801P EE810 EE810A EE810AR EE810E EE810P EE810T EE810T EE810TC EE810TR EE901 EE901P EE901T EE902 EE902B EE902P EE902Q EE902T EE903 EE903P EE903T EE903TF EE904 EE904Q EE911T EE911TRi PAD130BVP*20 PAD130W PAD130W20 PAD140B*20 PAD140HW*00 PAD140W PAD140W*20 PAD142BB*20 PAD142W PAD142W*20 PAD143EW*23 PAD143EW*24 PAD143HW*00 PAD143W*23 PAD151G PAD151G*15 PAD151G*20 PAD161B PAD161B*20 PAD171W PAD171W*20 PAD181C*00 PAD501R PAD501R*20 PAD501R15 PAD501RS*00 PAD502UB PAD505UB11 PAD505UB12 PAD505UEB11 PAD516B*20 PAD516BV*20 PAD516EB*20 PAD516EBV*20 PAD516EW PAD516EW*20 PAD516W PAD516W*20 PAF140HW*00 PAF140W*00 PAF143HW*00 PAF143HW*13 PAF143W*00 PAF143W*13 PAF144W*00 PAF144W*09 PAF144W*13 PAF151G*00 PAF151G*07 PAF161B*00 PAF161B*06 PAF161B*08 PAF161B*13 PAF17111*07 PAF171W*00 PAF501R*00 PAF501R*06 PAF501R*13 PAF501RS*00 PAF501RS*06 PAF501RS*09 PAF504RS*09 PAF516W*00 PAF517W*00 PCD505BL*25 PCD505BL*26 PCD505BR*25 PCD505BR*26 PCD505HWL*00 PCD505HWL*26 PCD505HWR*00 PCD505HWR*26 PCD505WL*25 PCD505WL*26 PCD505WR*25 PCD505WR*26 PCF404WR*01 PCF505HWL*00 PCF505HWL*01 PCF505HWL*01 PCF505HWR*00 PCF505WL*00 PCF505WL*01 PCF505WL*13 PCF505WR*00 PCF505WR*13 POF660S*00 POF660W*00 POF662S*00 POF662W*00 POF664S*00 POF664W*00 POF677B*00 POF677B*03 POF677B*04 POF677S*00 POF677S*04 POF677W*00 POF677W*03 POF677W*04 POF678B*00 POF678B*03 POF678K*00 POF678K*03 POF678W*00 POF678W*03 POF688B*04 POF688S*00 POF688S*04 POF688W*04 POF689K*04 POF689W*04 POF696W*04 POF698K*04 POF698S*04 POF698W*04 POM244C POM246 --------------- 0122002068 ELEMENT OVEN BTM 1800W 355 X 335 POF677B*00 POF677W*00 POF678B*00 POF678W*00 POF678K*00 PAD501R PAD501R-15 PAD501R-20 PAD502UB PAD505UB-11 PAD505UB-12 PAD505UEB-11 PAD516B-20 PAD516EB-20 PAD516BV-20 PAD516EBV-20 PAD516W PAD516W-20 PAD516EW PAD516EW-20 PAF501R*00 PAF501RS*00 63B904B*00 63B905VW*00 75B804B*00 75B804W*00 75B954W*00 63B904W*00 63805100 63805110 63904000 63904010 75800100 75800110 75804000 75804010 63A904B*00 63A904W*00 75A804B*00 75A804W*00 75A954W*00 PAD130W PAD130W-20 PAD140W PAD140W-20 PAD140B-20 PAD142W PAD142W-20 PAD142BB-20 PAD151G PAD151G-15 PAD151G-20 PAD161B PAD130BVP-20 PAD171N PAD171N-20 63B904B*02 63B904S*02 63B904W*02 63B905VW*02 63B906W*02 63B907S*02 75B804B*02 75B804W*02 75B954W*02 P0F677B*04 P0F677S*00 P0F677S*04 P0F677W*04 PAD130W20 PAD140W20 PAD140B20 PAD142W20 PAD142BB20 PAD151G15 PAD151G20 PAD130BVP20 PAD171N20 PAD501R15 PAD501R20 PAD505UB11 PAD505UB12 PAD505UEB11 POF677B*04 POF677S*00 POF677S*04 POF677W*04 PAD516B20 PAD516EB20 PAD516BV20 PAD516EBv20 PAD516W20 PAD516EW20 POF677B*03 POF677W*03 POF678B*03 POF678W*03 POF678K*03 POE628QB*00 POE628QW*00 POE649QFB*00 POE649QFW*00 POD628QB POD628QB20 POD628QW POD628QW20 POD628QCB POD628QCB20 POD628QCW POD628QCW20 POD628SQB POD628SQB20 POD628SQW POD628SQW20 POD628SQCB POD628SQCB20 POD628SQCW POD628SQCW20 63537000 63537010 63537020 63537030 57560110 57560000 57560100 63527100 PAF140W*00 PAF161B*06 PAF140HW*00 PAF143W*00 PAF143HW*00 PAF501R*06 PAF501RS*06 PAF144W*00 PAF151G*00 PAF171N*00 PAF161B*00 PCD505BR*20 PCD505BL*20 62A850B*09 62A850W*09 62A852B*09 62A852W*09 62A852SB*09 62A852SW*09 61810000 61810100 61811000 61811100 61811200 61811210 61812000 61812100 61813000 61813100 61813200 61813210 61810110 61811220 61814000 61812110 61813220 61914010 61915020 61814100 61815000 61815100 61914000 61915000 61915010 62A872V*09 62A882R*09 POF660S*00 POF660W*00 62A850B 62A850W 62850000 62850100 62850101 62A852B 62851000 62851100 62851200 62852000 62852100 62A852W 62A852SB 62853000 62853100 62853200 62A852SW 62856000 63807000 63807100 63A807B*00 63A807W*00 63537040 63537100 63537110 PAD143W*23 PAD143EW*23 PAD143EW*24 PAD501RS*00 75A804B*05 75A804W*05 62A872V*00 75A954W*05 63805120 63904020 75800120 75804020 62A882R*00 75B804B*01 75B804W*01 75B954W*01 61512000 61512010 61512100 61512110 61514000 61514010 61513000 61513010 61515000 61515010 PAF516W*00 PAF517W*00 PCD5O5WL*25 PCD5O5WL*26 PCD5O5WR*25 PCD5O5WR*26 PCD5O5HWL*26 PCD5O5HWR*26 PCD5O5BL*25 PCD5O5BL*26 PCD5O5BR*25 PCD5O5BR*26 61-502-110 61-502-210 61-503-110 61-503-220 61-506-010 61-506-120 61-502-320 61502400 61503400 61502000 6150200 61503000 6150300 PCF505WL*00 PCF505WR*00 PCF505HWL*00 PCF505HWR*00 63516300 63526000 63527000 PAF161B*08 PCF505WL*01 PAF161B*13 PCF505HWL*01 PCF505HWR*01 PCF505WR*01 61503300 61506200 PCD505WL*20 PCD505WR*20 PAD181C*00 61810W000 63537120 62540000 62541000 62542000 62543000 61502010 61502100 61503010 61503100 61506000 63807120 75950000 75954000 75950000*01 75954000*01 61510100 61510110 61510120 61511100 61511110 61511120 61512200 61512210 61512220 61513100 61513110 61513120 61514100 61514110 61514120 61515100 61515110 61515120 63A807B*01 63A807W*01 ------------ 0122002060 *Use 0122002068* ----------- 0122002067 *Use 0122002068* -------------- 0122002636 *Use 0122002068* -------------- 445961 *Use 0122002068* ELEMENT OVEN BOTTOM PAD130B PAD131B PAD131VPB PAD140B PAD141BB PAD142B PAD505UB PAD505UEB PAD516B PAD516EB PAD516G PAD516EG POD632ARB POD650QFB PAD140 PAD505U PAD505UE PAD141B PAD142 PAD516 PAD516E PAD616F PAD616EF PAD620QF PAD620QEF PAD630TF PAD630TEF PCD506F PCD506EF PCD539QEF PCD649QEF POD650QF --------- ES4435 *Use 0122002068* ------------ VF61D000 *Use 0122002068*
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